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Termites (White Ants) Treatment



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Notice the mud trails made by the termites. This is an indication of the existence of termites. Unless disturbed, there will be termites moving to and fro vide the mud tunnels.




Notice the top of the door frame is discolored and different. That part of the door frame is hollow. Termites have a habit of eating the inner part of the wood leaving the thin layer of skin and paint untouched. 


Wood beams destroyed by termites. The original size is exactly like the beam at the left hand side. Now they are just like card boards. In severe case the roof might collapse.







You don’t know they are there until it’s too late. Termites are the unseen enemy. It’s been estimated that each year in Malaysia, termites caused more damage than all floods, thunderstorms and fires combined!


Termites are found in homes of every age and types

Whether the house is new or old, whether it is built of brick or wood, no home is immune. Termites multiplies quickly in the warm, humid climate of our country. And when they do the bill for treatment and repairs is expected to be high.




You can now prevent your home against termite damage – with low-cost, long-lasting preventative chemical treatment from PET Termites / White Ants Soil Treatment Service for houses you are planning to build.  PET takes the time and cares to do it the right way the first time. For houses that are already build, we can either do Corrective Slab Injection Treatment or Termites Baiting. Our technicians are well trained and with numerous years of working experience.



Call us now for a no obligation free inspection. We give you our proposals and you choose the treatment method. We assure you of our most cost effective pricing.


Calls after office hours :     TF Foo  (LICENCED PESTICIDE APPLICATOR NO PA0311)    Hand phone No : 012-6570647




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