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Soil Treatments for Major Housing Project




1.0       SCOPE OF WORK


The scope of work shall be treatment with approved termiticide mixtures in accordance to the Australian Standard Code of Recommended Practice For Protection Against Subterranean Termites For Building under Construction (AS 2075).


PET ANTI-TERMITES TREATMENT shall be rendered at the early stage of construction when the whole of the sub floor area is readily accessible and there is little chance of subsequent soil disturbance (laying of concrete slab).


1.1       Carrying out treatment in sections to accommodate concreting works and for any subsequent visits thereafter to complete any portion or portions of work which are to receive specialist treatment and which for any reason whatsoever cannot be completed during general construction of the substructure work.


1.2       Accommodating any variation in substructure design and,


1.3       Any obvious work or treatment of other related surfaces necessary to be carried out in conjunction with the works but not specifically mentioned so as to complete the works in all respects.






            Approved termiticide mixtures shall be applied to the following areas to form a chemically impregnated unbroken barrier underneath the slab


2.1       Three Stages Treatment


a.         Application of termiticide mixtures unto the soil bed prior to receiving of lean concrete for construction of footings. Alternatively, impregnation by drenching the 40mm soil border around the ground beams and stump columns, if the above is delayed.


b.         Impregnation of surfaces below ground floor slab areas after the hardcore has been but prior to the casting of concrete slab. Application of termiticide mixtures shall be made the same to the underside of suspended ground slab.


c.         Impregnation of surfaces below apron/terraces and areas within 1.5 metre beyond the edge of the building apron/terraces unless adjoining structures render this impractical,



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3.1      Approved termiticide shall be Chlorpyrifos based such as Landguard, Licide or equivalent. An aqueous emulsion of concentration shall be at the dilution rate of one (1) percent.


3.2      The termiticide mixture shall be applied uniformly using motorised sprayer at the rate of 5 litres per square meter or 10 litres per linear run. Joint areas (plumbing and electrical) are to be treated at the rate of 100 litres per 3 linear meter.



3.3      The recommended chemical shall meet with the approval of the Pesticide Board of Malaysia. All applications shall be strictly adheres to standard safety measures and shall be in accordance to sound environmental practice.


3.4       The chemical recommended should not have any detrimental effects whatsoever on human beings, animals or materials used in the construction of the construction of the substructure especially the reinforced concrete works and waterproofing materials etc.






When soil treatment is completed, the treated soil shall be cast with a layer of lean concrete or ground slab. Soil treatment and concreting shall be carried out on the same day or the following day, the latest.






Soil treatment shall not be carried out when the soil is saturated or excessively wet (for example, during or after a rainfall) or when it is likely to rain.


Application of the termiticide mixtures shall be at 200 square meter per service technician.


Lead-time: minimum 24 hours.





Calls after office hours :     TF Foo  (LICENCED PESTICIDE APPLICATOR NO PA0311)   Hand phone No : 012-6570647




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