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As long as you consider it a pest, we will find the solutions for you. Of course we don't mean your spouse, mother in law or any person or animal protected by law.





Beside the normal cockroaches, ants, rats and termites, we also provide solutions to the following pests :

1) Birds - Pigeons, Swallows, Bats and etc.

There are basically two types of treatments available.

a) Bird Repellant Gel is to be applied on any likely area where the birds frequent and roost. In addition wire spikes can also be used either separately or in combination with the bird gel. We have actually provided such solutions to condominiums and factories to help them successfully solved their problems. Bird Problems & Bird Gel

b) Ultrasonic equipment are also available and has been claimed to be successful in the United States of America. It is basically not proven in the local climate and environment. A local supplier has claimed that he has known of several cases of unsuccessful usage of such equipments. We have also sold a unit to a local power generating company but have so far not receive any feedback on the effectiveness or otherwise of that product. Therefore, we will not give any warranty other than that provided by the manufacturer. Savilo Electronic Bird Repellers


2) Bees / Hornets

We use a power spray to provide jets of chemical to kill or drive the bees / hornets away. We will clear the nest to ensure the bees / hornets will not return. On a smaller scale we can either use a mister or sprayer.


Bees that have moved to the tree recently and therefore do not have honey. In more mature colony, there will be many honey combs which contain lots of honey.


3) Snakes

We also kill or drive snakes out of your homes or premises.


4) Wood Borers

Many times untrained persons have mistaken the wood borers infestation as sign of termites attack. These are beetles that drill holes in woods. Dusts will appear on the floor near to the holes. It is not half as destructive as termites but the damage done will also break the hearts of many especially if the item attacked is their favorite exclusive antic. Treatments is usually by injection of liquid chemical into the holes.  Fumigation of the wood item in a sealed and enclosed area by the use of gasses such as Methyl Bromide under the supervision of a licensed fumigator is required for serious cases. For wood items either for export or import, fumigation is also required to ensure no insect is accidentally brought in or out of the country. The products will have to be quarantined and fumigated by a licensed fumigator under the guidance of a Jabatan Pertanian's officer. 


5) Mosquitoes

There are currently 3 methods of controlling mosquitoes. There are as follows :-

a) Thermal Fogging

Using a fogging machine to fog the open areas such as construction sites, fields and housing estates. It is not suitable for enclosed areas since the chemical are mixed with diesel. The diesel is oily and will stain the walls.

b) Misting

Using a mister to provide dew drops in the air. This will kill all flying insects on contacts. This method is most suitable for office and enclosed areas as it is water based.

c) Aerosol

Using an aerosol dispenser to dispense a treated fragrance at interval (to suit your preference). The fragrance is specially formulated to repel mosquitoes and other similar flying insects.


6) Flies

There are basically several recommended methods for control of flies.

a) Misting

Using a mister to provide dew drops in the air. This will kill all flying insects on contacts. This method is most suitable for office and enclosed areas.

b) Electric Fly Catcher

Using ultra violet lights to attracts the flies to the Electric Fly Catcher. The equipment will produce an electrical shock to zap the fly on contact.

c) Insect Light Trap (ILT)

An Insect Light Trap will also use ultra violet light to attract Flying insects to it. In fact it is almost similar to Electric Fly Catcher. The insects will fly into and get caught in a sticky pad placed near the ultra violet lights.


7) Fleas/ Ticks /Bugs / Fruit Flies

Cat and Dog Fleas are very common in Malaysia. The fleas will be killed by insecticide spraying and by misting. The same applies to Bugs and Fruit Flies. Since we are not trained to heal animals, the affected animals will have to be send to the veterinary to treat to ensure the Fleas are eradicated from the animal.


8) Cats / Monitor Lizards / Civets

Specially made cages are placed in locations where these pests frequent. Baits such as fishes are placed into the cages to attract the pests. When the animals try to eat the baits, they are trapped in the cages. We can arrange the animals be released at another remote location. Please note we do not kill any animal.



Cage big enough for a cat or civet. Notice the reinforced wire mesh. Normal cage will be cheaper but the animal might escape.


9) Worms / Centipede

As a result of growing thick grasses, many house owners will very soon found out that ground worms, centipede and all kind of worms will come out after a heavy rain. Below are some photos of the worms.


We eliminate the worms with our power sprayer.

Notice the worms die on contact with the pesticide mixture.


Calls after office hours :     TF Foo  (LICENCED PESTICIDE APPLICATOR NO PA0311)    Hand phone No : 012-6570647



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