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Why do you need pest control?

Demand for pest control treatment has been increasing over the past years. Malaysians in general are more aware of their health and hygiene in their working and living environment. People are beginning to realize that pests living in their environment can bring along many types of diseases to human beings. In Malaysia there is JE virus from mosquitoes; Bird Flu virus in Hong Kong and China; Leptospirosis (disease transmitted by rat urine) in Thailand ant etc. Pests like termites, rats, and ants have destroyed property worth billions of dollars around the world. It is estimated that more than 20 million US dollars worth of properties were destroyed yearly by termites in the USA alone. Malaysia’s humid climate is even more suitable for termites’ growth. The chances of any property being infested by termites are quite high. Many property owners realize the benefit of doing Pre-construction Anti Termites Soil Treatment before constructing their buildings. Restaurant, food traders and hospitality operators also realize that pest control can prevent complains from health officers and project a better image to their customers. No matter how delicious the food taste and how perfect the ambience is, having pests running around on a dining table or floor will immediately tarnish the image of the outlet/restaurant/hotel.    


What made us different?

There are hundreds of pest control companies in Malaysia. The size range from one-man company to big companies with turnover in millions of Ringgit. Many of the smaller companies are using the traditional methods of pest control treatment – pesticides spraying. They buy the cheapest pesticide available in the market and sprayed to whatever places they deem fit. Some of them are not even licensed to carry out pest control treatment per the Pesticide Act 1974. They use only one type of pesticide for all pests. The bigger company will probably have a fixed overhead of millions to cover and therefore they have to be much more expansive. This does not in anyway, however, offer guarantee of quality. We, at Pan Environment Technology Sdn Bhd belongs to neither of the mentioned grouping. We keep our cost to a minimum. As our competitors are normally more established and bigger than us, we would have comparative advantage over them. As our fixed overheads are relatively lower, we are able to quote lower than our competitors. The quality of our works will not be inferior to them either. Most of our staffs are from these well-established companies.


Pest control treatment has evolved rapidly in terms of new pesticides and chemicals produced by the manufacturers and the methods of treatment. Pesticides produced these days are less toxic to human and the environment. Most of the more toxic pesticides such as chlordane (for termite treatment), baygon (cockroaches, ants and etc.) and others have been banned. Treatments now does not involve spraying only. You have gel, glue boards, dusting, misting, baiting and etc.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a decision-making process that anticipates and prevents pest activity and infestation by combining several strategies to achieve long-term solution. An effective IPM program may include education, proper waste management, structural/building repairs, maintenance, biological and mechanical control techniques, and pesticide application. IPM requires participation from both pest control professionals and property owner to achieve long-term pest management objectives. By combining the latest technology in Integrated Pest Management to our experience and dedicated service personnel, Pan Environment Technology Sdn Bhd has developed our own ENVIROTECH SYSTEM. ENVIROTECH SYSTEM uses the following process: -

  1. Inspection - to determine the degree of infestation
  2. Identification - to determine the types of pests
  3. Elimination - by mechanical, biological or pesticide methods
  4. Prevention - by education, waste management, structural / building repair and maintenance
  5. Evaluation - to determine the effectiveness of the program
  6. Monitoring - to provide continuous feedback

The benefits of ENVIROTECH SYSTEM are enormous, not only does it provide a tailor-made long-term cost effective solution, it also creates customer awareness and protects the environment by reducing the use of pesticides.




Pan Environment Technology Sdn Bhd (PET) was formed by a group of enthusiastic people with experience in pest management. With increasing awareness of the importance in pest control for buildings by owners, especially in pre-construction and post construction soil treatment for termites, they feel that it was favorable to invest in a pest management company. With the comparative advantage of a lower fixed overhead, we can effectively dislodge and out-priced our bigger competitors. We have since established our cost effective pest management solutions to all types of industries. We aim to establish ourselves as the Cost Effective Pest Management Company , providing modern and effective methods of treatment by keeping abreast with the latest technology available in the industry. We aim to be the forerunner in the field of pest management for the food and hospitality industries, which have more stringent requirements. We also aim to be able to compete effectively for big projects.   PET will try to achieve the following aims:-

  1. Use the latest technology available
  2. Provide Cost Effective Solutions
  3. Provide friendly service
  4. Interaction with Customers
  5. Reduce the use of pesticides
  6. Constant upgrading of Knowledge



Calls after office hours :     TF Foo  (LICENCED PESTICIDE APPLICATOR NO PA0311)    Hand phone No : 012-6570647

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