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Healings - Frequent Asked Questions


There are all types of questions people ask me in my years as a part time healer. I will try to answer them as simple as I possibly can. Should you require more help be free to contact me.

I wish to stress that while I do possess some special healing abilities, I am neither a doctor nor God. I can heal lots of illness that a normal doctor cannot. Similarly the doctor can operate on patients which I definitely have not and would not try. I know the limit to my abilities.



Frequent Asked Questions


1) What is the difference between Western medicine and Eastern medicine?

Answer :

Western medicine treats illness from physical evidence of symptoms. For instance, if you have fever, then the medicine will be panadol and etc. It seldom look at the source of the problem. Eastern medicine look at the source as they were around for thousands of years. Using the same example, the Chinese or Indian physician would find the source of the problem to be unwittingly absorbing the sunlight (Yang Chi/ Prana). The remedy is to decrease the Yang Chi by the use of massage with herbal oil, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal remedy or a combination of the above. The point is as long as the person sweats the fever will be gone (even if you do not use any medicine). When you sweat the heat is released causing the fever to go down. Similarly if you take a penaldo and you do not sweat, there is no way your headache or fever will go away.


2) What is Chi ?

Answer :

To the person in the East, the concept of chi /prana / life force/ bio-magnetic energy is nothing new as it has been in existence for thousands of years. These kind of things can make a western minded person nervous. Normal people cannot see or feel energy, as clearly as those who have undergone the necessary trainings or those who are born with the ability. If we have never heard of ABC how the hell would we be able to read or write in English. Similarly, if our mind have never being conditioned, we would not be able to perform any kind of visualization or meditation. Some people give the impression that such things are sacred and mysterious. If magician do not practice their hands regularly, their acts would easily being seen through by the audiences. If we do not practice the mind, the mind will not be able to respond to our instruction.

Chi is the Chinese term loosely used for all kind of energy and breath. Prana is the Indian word for life force or energy. The current word for Chi is Bio-Magnetism which is more accurate than Prana.  Chi is in abundant everywhere around and inside us. For instance we breathe in Chi all the time without even realizing it. It is in everything (anything living and dead).  The walls of our bedroom absorb the chi from sunlight and they have chi in it even though it is not a living thing. Even corpses while decaying have chi in it. When we walk in the hot sun, the energy from the sun is automatically absorbed by our body. We have no control over it unless we can bar the absorption of chi. Masters highly skilled in chi might be able to feel the influx of negative chi but to shut oneself from the chi requires a higher degree of Chi manipulation competency. Similarly, if we mingle in a crowd, our chi will mingle and we absorbed each othersí chi. In winter or in cold weather, we automatically absorb Yin Chi. We needs CHI to survive. The generally held belief is that the more Chi one has, the more powerful one becomes. Many people would ask me to donate Chi to them. I would always reply that I can give them Chi but they might not be able to cope with it. Each of us have our equilibrium and optimum Chi level, above or below which, we might become unwell. Too much or too little Chi will make us become sick. Those familiar with Kundalini Yoga will know the ascent of the serpent from the base of the spine to the crown chakra can be far more dangerous than is revealed. I had nose bleeding and fever for several years despite taking young coconut water and Chinese herbal medicine (Wong lo Kat) every day. Of course it will not happen to a normal person simply because few people will train as hard as me.


3) What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?


Chinese medicine has been in existence for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on  the Viscera a general term for the internal organs (zhang fu). There are five yin viscera (zhang) and six yang viscera (fu). The five yin viscera are heart, lung, liver, spleen and kidney. The six yang viscera are gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder and triple warmer. The viscera are linked by meridian points (nadi for Indian) to help the body function. The Five Yin Viscera main characteristics are to generate and store chi. The Six Yang Viscera main characteristics are to receive and transport food and waste.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system of healing based on Viscera incorporating the Five Element theory, Yin and Yang theory and the concept of Chi.


4) Why do people get ill?


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a personís Chi of both yin and yang must be in equilibrium in order for him or her to stay healthy. If a person has too much Yang Chi, he/she is short of Yin Chi (such as when a person has fever). The opposite can also happen (such as when a person got cold). At times, our body releases too much yang chi, could not sustain it, causing the fever to change into a cold and vice versa. At certain time our body produce certain type of chi and therefore affects our health when the chi is not in equilibrium. For instance, you might feel totally healthy in the morning and take a walk in the blazing sun. Then you all of a sudden feel heated up and have a headache. The reason is that you unwittingly absorbed too much yang chi from the sun. The chi all moved to the head causing headache and fever. You need to release the excess chi or you will fall ill. Similarly when a person is overcome by emotions when visiting the graves of a loved one, the environment on a say raining day can cause us to fall sick due to too much Yin Chi.


 5)  What are the kind of illness you can heal?

The following are some of the illness which I have no problem healing:

a)     Not enough chi

      Some people do not take care of their body especially when engaging in sex. Strenuous sex can cause either person to lose too much vital fluid. I have cured an Indian man in his mid twenties who was a friend of my house mate in 1987. He wore 4 layers of clothing and yet he was still shivering. His whole body was cold.

b)     Too much chi

      Some people think having the more Chi the better you are. People take lots of Ginsengs and exotic meats will have lots of Chi. A sudden surge of Chi is not good. Everyone have his/her own optimum Chi level above or below which he/she might become ill. Similarly if you walk in the hot sun you will absorbed lot of Chi from it causing you to feel unwell. 

c)     Headache and migraine

      The Chi rushed to the head causing headache and migraine due to stress, environmentally absorbed chi and etc. It is common everyday happening.

d)  Blocked chi or blood circulation causing pain and unable to move affected areas

      Frequently we cannot move a certain part of our body due to injury whether knowingly or unknowingly. The area become bruised and the blood and chi cannot pass through.  It is not paralyzed just blocked circulation. Once the circulations have become smooth, the part of the body become normal again. My former Chairman complained that he cannot lift his hand high. After an hour of massaging the hands, triple warmer, shoulder and the meridian points involved, he was able to lift his hand highly again. In another case a fellow Chi Kung student told me her mother could not sleep for 3 nights and seek my help. She did not know why or how her shoulder suddenly has a swelling which was painful on even a slight touch. Earlier that day she had gone to a medical clinic for treatment without any success. I massage her hands, triple warmer and the back of her shoulders and the meridian points involved. I did not touch the swelling until I have managed to get her blood and Chi circulation moving correctly. After that she does not feel much pain as the swelling also receded. On further probing I was able to pinpoint her problem as sleeping on that particular side of the shoulder. When the blood and Chi get blocked causing the swelling and pain. No wonder she could not sleep. 

e)   Cold

      Too much Yin Chi (Cold Chi) and lack of Yang Chi (Hot Chi). We need to increase the Yang Chi and reduce the Yin Chi. A cold can occur under several conditions such as running out of Yang Chi due to over engaged in sexual activities or a sudden change of temperature (when it suddenly rain and we get soaked) or when our body produced certain chi at certain times causing the Yang Chi to be overwhelmed by the influx of Yin Chi.

f)    Fever

      Too much Yang Chi (Hot Chi) and lack of Yin Chi (Cold Chi). This the exact opposite of the above. We will need to increase the Yin Chi and reduced the Yang Chi. A fever can occur when a person is bed ridden and does not move much especially in elderly patient. It can be fatal for elderly patient since they do not have the mental and physical strength to fight it. They will need someone to reduce the chi for them. With Chi rushing to the head, the fever set in and will get worse if no one cure them of the sickness. It can also happen due to the activation of the crown and third eye chakras causing the chi and blood to move to the head.

g)   Backache

      Caused by using or bending the back such as lifting up things too high or heavy and etc. A used car dealer neighbor claimed he was paying a Chinese Healer RM5,000.00 to learn healing and hypnotism. This person has some serious back problem which I have healed several weeks earlier. He picked up another back problem while holidaying with his family. He seek treatment from his master that operate a massage clinic. However, he was bed bound and unable to move after the treatment. He asked another neighbor to locate me. After about 2 hours of treatment he was able to turn around without pain.

h)  Sprained  limbs

      Over use of or injury to certain part of the limbs. Some people especially male who like to show off their maleness by punching the wall and etc inadvertently breaking their fist. If you are not careful you might even get a shoulder joint injury which is hard to cure since the injury is inside the joint. This is due to the repelling force bouncing back to you (the harder you hit the iron beam/wall the harder will be the rebound back to you). No amount of massage will do as even treatments from a Wu Chu Chuan master healer was without any success. Eventually it took me several month of self healings. Similarly if we are not careful and sprained our joints between the ankle and the feet the healing will take more time depending on the seriousness of the injury. Sometime the injury might have been healed but since western medicine does not take into account chi and blood blockages, most people have all kind of blockages that require treatment by a chi healer. This is also the reason why people who have injury treated by western doctors would have all kinds of problems related to their earlier injury which have been healed by the doctors. This is due to complications and blockages at the veins and meridian points making it difficult to make use of the limb. 

i)    Ear ringing

      Too much Chi in the ear causing the hearing of sounds. Most people can hear some kind of sounds when it is quiet. Some people are paranoid and think they hear some sounds. Sometime our chi might be gathered around our ears causing us to hear sounds but it is perfectly normal. If there is too much chi and if it is affecting you perhaps then you might need someone to reduce it for you.

j)  Problems arising from meditation

      When the chakras (energy centre) are activated, some people have all kinds of reactions. There are people who become unstable as a result. Those who learn kundalini yoga and get the dormant  serpent coiled at the base of the spine activated will be able to feel a surge of energy going to the crown chakra. In extreme cases lost the ability to control the energy resulting in migraine, nose bleeding and high fever. Kindly let you guru/master know your problem so that they can assist you. If you accidently activated some chakras and does not have a master, you can contact me at the email or telephone numbers indicated below.

k)  Cold limbs

      This can be together with back pain or on its own. I was talking to a pest control client in his office. Suddenly he stand up flick his hands vigorously and holding his back in pain. I actually gave him the address of one master nearby. One of his staff asked me if I could do something for her boss. I just ask the client to lie down on a bench and do some pressing at his backs, fingers, hands, shoulders and head. Within 10 minutes he was healed.        

l)  Lung problems

      This will be where people have difficulty in breathing properly. Many time people will say they have a heart problem. The heart is actually on the left hand side. Sometimes the energy is circulating at the heart chakra (which encompassed the lung and the heart).  There is a need to reduce the energy here. For those with sinus the heart chakra is one of the areas we need to heal.

m) General well being

      The general well being of a person is at optimum when the chi is balanced at the equilibrium. Most people are either having too much chi or not enough of the right chi. There is a need to tone down the excessive and replenish the exhausted chi.

n) No strength in limbs or any part of the body

      This due to lack of muscle or chi or both. There are people with muscle dysentery where the will to walk can lead them to walk again despite the actual lacking in muscles. This will to walk has build up the chi to provide the strength to walk. Here we are normally dealing with the weak or elderly helping them to increase their chi level.   

o) No appetite

       People complain of lost of appetite and feeling unwell all the time. The real problem is actually quite simple, the chi is not in equilibrium. One of my Chi Dynamics fellow student said that she only take fruits for one week as she lost appetite on food after a bout of illness. Within 10 minutes of fine tuning, she started to eat like normal.

p) Others

      There are all kind of different illness not identified here which I might be able to heal. Among them are arthritis, rheumatism and etc. These illness need the performance of certain chi kung exercises to strengthen the body and limbs. Some people have a combination of several kind of problems. 


6) How can you tell when a person is deficient in either yang or yin chi?


From the look at a person's face, we can normally tell whether the person is ill or not. We can also tell whether the person have enough rest. If a person have dark rings around his eyes like a panda, the person certainly do not have enough rest for sometime. To some people it can also mean he is involved in strenuous sex (but not necessary for me). If the face is pale and grey, then he is having too much yin chi and probably exhausted. If a person is reddish in colour, he is having too much yang chi rising to his head causing headache and fever. The head should not be cold or hot on touch. The skin should not be too red or dark in colour (in comparison with the normal skin colour). Person with too much Chi do not look well and beside I can actually see the chi coming  out from any person.


7) What can we do when we have too much Chi or too little Chi?


If you have too much Chi, there is a need to release the excess Chi. You can try young coconut water, herbal tea such as wong  lo kat (not the can drink), lots of hot water and etc. Of course you can seek treatment from people like myself who can reduce your chi in minutes.

If we do not have enough Chi, you will need to increase your Chi by consuming products like Korean Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng and etc. You can also see a Chi Healer like myself who have the excess Chi to increase the Chi level which is of course the faster cure. You can also enroll in a chi kung, tai chi , yoga and etc course and slowly increase your chi level.  


8) Do we need to strip to do treatment at a certain sensitive area ?


I will only touch the areas you allow me to. Generally you do not need to even open a single button of your shirt. As I am using chi to treat you, it really does not matter whether you take off your clothes or not. In most case I am the one to insist the patient remain fully clothed. In the East, many people are still shy when taking off their clothes in front of a stranger especially a person from the opposite sex. I know of ladies who rather suffer the pains of block chi and blood circulation than to seek treatment as the area include the chest. I can heal such people if they allow me to. I do not need to touch their chest or even open one single button of their shirt. All I need is to direct my chi at the back of the shoulders. Of course it will take more time but I am confident, after several treatment, the woman will be healed. You do not need to show me your chest or any sensitive area as I can heal you with my chi.

Chi is an energy that is like electricity which most normal people cannot see. Chi can be directed via the hands and mind (through the eyes). Theoretically a person can be healed from a distance provided the healer's chi is strong enough. It is almost the same as when a witch doctor or bomoh is trying to harm an unsuspecting person from a distance. With my mind and eyes focus on a lizard about 7 meters away, I can chase the lizard away from my office, my sister.s and parent's house without making any movement. The strange thing is that the lizards never show up when I am around.  My chi can also make a car mechanic sweat profusely without the need to touch him. Whether it is male or female, as long as you do not wish to be touched at certain sensitive areas, I will give you my assurance that I can heal you without the need to touch any areas sensitive to you. It might however take a little bit longer.


9) What medicine or solutions do you use in your massage?


Nothing but Chi only. I do not use any massage oil, medicated oil and etc. because I feel my chi alone is enough. Previously I used to apply medicated oil on my patients because my chi was not strong enough. Now I do not need to use anything other than a glass of warm water and my Chi. However when the patient is impatient or cannot stand too much pain, I might use some medicated oil to assist in the healing. Ultimately the most important ingredient is my Chi.  


10) How long does a normal treatment takes?


A normal treatment take an hour to complete. This include massage from head to limbs. This is for the general well being. Specific healing depend on the nature of the problem. If your problem is only your back, a 15 minutes back massage will do the trick. If you have a serious back problem and is bed ridden it might take more time probably one or two hours. Everything depends on the nature and seriousness of the problem.  In most cases only one treatment is required to solve the problem. However in really serious cases, more treatments might be required.


11) What is the difference between an acupuncture, massage, Reiki and your Chi treatment?


An acupuncture treatment put needles on the meridian points to stimulate the affected areas. In a way we are doing the same things. Instead of needles, I use my fingers and hands to stimulate the meridian points. The plus side of my treatment is that I uses my chi on the patient.  

An ordinary massage stimulate the blood circulation. I uses almost the same method as them but in addition I uses chi to help my patient.

A Reiki treatment is similar to my treatment in that the Reiki expert will use his chi to hopefully help the patient. In most Reiki books there is no mention of cure but most will say they hope the chi will help in healing the patient. I would say I can heal my patient as long as the problem is not those needing surgery. In addition, I also use massage and acupressure to accentuate on meridian points resulting in quicker healings.

On the whole, my healing is actually incorporating Chi Kung, massage, acupressure, reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and etc.  

12) Why do treatment sometimes not work out?


As far as I am concern most of my healing only take a single treatment to heal the problem. Occasionally, there might be an odd one who is trying to prove my treatment does not work. There was this pest control technician who complain of a back problem. I took about haft an hour to treat him. He feel good and start to do all types of back breaking exercises most people cannot do just to satisfy himself that he is 100% healed. He went off quite happy. The next morning he complain of a recurring back problem. When you get a serious back problem, even though the problem has been healed, it does not mean you can over exert it as if the back has no problem. Even when the doctor operate on a patient, the recovery period is several days to weeks. We should at least give ourselves a day or two to recover fully before we do any really strenuous work. I redo the same treatment for the technician and ask him not to over exert his back.


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