Basic Flying Stars


Another aspect of Fung Shui commonly mention is the Flying Stars. This involves the time aspect of Fung Shui. The stars involved are Tan Lang (Greedy wolf), Chu Men (Huge Door), Lu Chun (Rewards), Wen Chu (Literary Art), Lien Chen (Chastity), Wu Qu (Military Art), Po Chun (Broken Soldier), Chor Fu (Left Assistant) and Yu Pi (Right Assistant).

Flying Stars is based on the house facing direction. Once the facing direction is found, it is the basis of all Flying Stars calculations. Another vital data require is the age of the house. In Flying Stars, all houses are categorised into 20 years periods as follows:


Period 3                    February 4, 1904 to February 3, 1924

Period 4                    February 4, 1924 to February 3, 1944

Period 5                    February 4, 1944 to February 3, 1964

Period 6                    February 4, 1964 to February 3, 1984

Period 7                    February 4, 1984 to February 3, 2004

Period 8                    February 4, 2004 to February 3, 2024

Period 9                    February 4, 2024 to February 3, 2044

Period 1                    February 4, 2044 to February 3, 2064

Period 2                    February 4, 2064 to February 3, 2084

Please note that the above is also applicable to 8 mansions formula, but there is no period 5, therefore for the first 10 years, follow period 4 and the balance 10 years follow period 6.



SOUTH         SOUTH         SOUTH
EAST                   WEST

4   1 8   6 6   8  


  6     2     4    



4 3 3 9 8 8 2 1 1  


5   9 3   2 1   4  


  5     7     9    


3 2 2 5 4 4 7 6 6  


9   5 7   7 2   3  


  1     3     8    



8 7 7 1 9 9 6 5 5  

NORTH                   NORTH
EAST         NORTH         WEST



The above is a Flying stars chart for a house sitting on north facing south. This is a period 7 house. On the left bottom corner of each box is the year. The month lies on the right hand bottom corner of each box. The middle number is the day of the reading.


In a recent case involving a relative of mine. His room was situated on the east sector giving a reading of sitting on 5 and facing 9 which made the person unhappy and easily agitated. With the year at 2, there is indication of illness. The month is 3 which means misfortune and weakening of health. As all the indication is bad, how could anyone survive especially when the day itself turns to be 3 or 2? The easiest is to change the room. Fung Shui remedies are also available but only an expert should handle similar situation. Any wrong move can be fatal. If it is destined, sometimes the person involved will not follow your advice and there suffer the consequence.


Stars 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6 and 7 are not favorable stars during current period 8. The best star is 8 (growing chi) follow by 9 (coming chi)  and 1 (future chi).


It is possible to change your life. By using Fung Shui, you sit in your good locations and facing good directions. Do not face the Thai Sui (ie. Grand Duke Jupiter in year 2005 is in Rooster facing West). Therefore do not face West in 2005 eventhough it might be your good direction. Do not sit in 5 Yellow which happens to be in North West in 2005. The Three Killings in year 2005 is in East (Big Three Killings), North East & South East (Small Three Killings). Those born in the Rabbit year should be extra careful. Like wise from February 4, 2006 to February 3rd 2007, the Thai Sui (or Grand Duke Jupiter) is Dog. Do not face the dog or sit in South East 1. Those born in the year of the Dragon  should be vigilant as they are opposing Thai Sui and therefore may face difficulties (like those born in the year of the Rabbit would experienced in 2005). The 5 Yellow will move to the West.  Therefore do not sit in or do any movement of furniture or renovation  in the West. The Big Three Killing is in the North, Small Three Killings are in North East and North West in  2006.


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