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Termites Baiting System




The various stages of corrective slab injection treatment. From right to left, top hand right corner a technician drilling into the floor slab. On the top left hand corner, another technician clear the dusts. On the right bottom corner, a technician using a power sprayer hose to fill the hole with chemical. On the left hand bottom corner, a technician sealing up the hole. Note that the hole is hardly visible in this close up photo.







Subterranean Termites (White Ants)






Subterranean termites (order isoptera) normally travel constantly from their nests in the ground to the wood, or other cellulose-bearing material upon which they feed. They make these trips only inside wood or in the mud tubes which they construct.


Subterranean termites are always found at or near ground level. Their entrance to buildings are by squeezing through the cracks in the concrete slab or in between the bricks and cement plaster.


Therefore, it is highly recommended that the building's structural foundation is to be treated with chemical mixture as to create a barrier from further termites attacks.





For the above purposes, we wish to recommend a method named  Corrective Soil Treatment. The method is to be followed strictly in accordance to the established codes. One of the recognized codes is the Australian Standard Code of Recommended Practice for Soil Treatment for Protection of Existing Buildings Against Subterranean Termites (AS 2178).






The treatment is specifically to be carried out at the structural foundation of the buildings. It will be done at the external and internal side of the building. The purpose is to create chemical barrier to building foundation to prevent entrance of new colonies into the building from the ground.






Drilling is done at the interior (hardcore) and the exterior (aprons) side of the premises.



Drilling will be carried out through the concrete slab to the surface of the soil bed beneath the hardcore.



Each hole is between 18" to 24" apart and is drilled 4" away from the wall-footings. The size of each hole is 1/2"  in diameter and 24" deep into the compacted soil.



A chemical mixture equivalent to 5 liters is injected under pressure into each hole. Should there be no existing aprons, trenching will be carried out. Chemical mixture equivalent to 5 liters to one linear meter will be applied to the trenches prior to backfill of soil onto them.


Finally, each hole  is patched with cement.





The active ingredient of the pesticide to be used will be Imidaclorprid. This chemical is to be applied at the rate of  FIVE (5) liters per injection per hole.


Imidaclorprid is fully approved by the Pesticide Board of  Malaysia. Only the recommended dosage by the manufacturer will be used to achieve the optimum result.


However we do use other approved chemicals depending on specific request of owner.





Please notify us 3 days in advance to commence work for Corrective Soil Treatment. Treatment will normally be completed in one working day.





All equipments used for corrective soil treatment should be in good order and in serviceable condition.





Every precaution should be taken to prevent accidental spillage of the chemical. Spillage should be mopped up with absorbent materials.


To avoid any damage to the electrical cable and plumbing, please notify us of any alteration to the cable structure or make available structural drawings.





Upon completion of the entire job, we will issue a warranty valid for the number of years agreed upon.  Under this warranty, we will provide annual inspections on the treated building. PET will undertake to treat any subterranean termitesí re-infestation without further cost within the warranty period.


However, any alteration to the existing building has to be notified to us for further consultation. Otherwise, the warranty is void and null.




Calls after office hours :     TF Foo  (LICENCED PESTICIDE APPLICATOR NO PA0311)    Hand phone No : 012-6570647




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