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Healings – no medicine required



The Chinese and Indian were among the earliest to come out with treatment methods that are still applicable today. Most of us have either use or seen an acupuncture treatment, acupressure, chi treatments, reflexology, herbal remedy and etc. As the title suggest, we will focus more on non medical treatments such as chi treatment, massage, acupressure, acupuncture and etc where no pills or medicine is being dispensed or taken.



The Methods of Healings


There are many methods of healings. Some people take pills and injection with the hope of getting healed. Some people turn to faith healers who do not use any medicine at all other than the blessed water. The Japanese Reiki directs the Chi to the patient hoping the chi will act on the affected area and cure the patient. The mind control method is also similar to the Reiki method. The former two methods have minimal physical contact. Western medicine is not suitable for most of the ailments pertaining to blood circulation and chi since the concept of chi is still not widely accepted in the west. Most Chi Kung, Yoga, Reiki and similar methods will use chi to heal. The results are highly unpredictable and you might need to go several times before you get cured. Sometimes the healer got ill as a result of absorbing the patient‘s Chi.



My method encompassed several techniques such as acupressure, massage, chi treatment, foot and hand reflexology and others. I also used the Traditional Chinese Medicine system.



Traditional Chinese Medicine System


Chinese medicine has been in existence for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on  the Viscera a general term for the internal organs (zhang fu). There are five yin viscera (zhang) and six yang viscera (fu). The five yin viscera are heart, lung, liver, spleen and kidney. The six yang viscera are gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder and triple warmer. The viscera are linked by meridian points (nadi for Indian) to help the body function. The Five Yin Viscera main characteristics are to generate and store chi. The Six Yang Viscera main characteristics are to receive and transport food and waste.



The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system of healing based on Viscera incorporating the Five Element theory, Yin and Yang theory and the concept of Chi.


Chi is loosely translated as energy, air or breath. There are all kind of Chi in our body or around us such as yang chi, yin chi, primordial chi, stagnant chi and etc.


The Yin and Yang theory is the duality in nature as opposite and conflicting yet harmonious and attracting each other. The Chinese since more than 5000 years ago believe in the duality of nature. There is Man and Woman; the Sun and the Moon; the day and the night and etc. The man is by nature masculine while the female feminine. We cannot say which is better as everything in this world serves a purpose. In the ancient Chinese book Nei Ching states that “In Yin there is Yang and in Yang there is Yin”. The Chinese believe that in every male there is also some feminineness and in every female there is some maleness. The male force is called Yang and the female Yin. Accordingly, mankind is Yang and the underworld or ghost is Yin. Instead of using Yin or Yang, we can also substitute them with – (negative) or + (positive). In this context the negative element is the Yin element and the positive element is the Yang element. Even in Chinese Kung Fu there are two streams. You can train in the physical as well as the mental side. In Shao Lin Kung Fu you have the physical training in the various techniques. Of-course when they reached the higher level, mental training is necessary. As Shao Lin Kung Fu is a Buddhist system based on Ta Moa’s Mahayana Buddhist teachings, there should be lots of mental training. Mental training involved breathing exercises and meditation techniques. History has shown us that the weak can triumph over the strong as in David and the Goliath; Samson and Delilah and others. The Chinese has a saying “Hero cannot pass through beautiful maiden’s trap”. It simply means the hero might be strong and valiant but he is no match for the beautiful maiden. In Tao Te Ching (The Way) we find the admiration for water, which is soft but is able to slowly break down the hard rocks that happen to be in its way.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a person’s Chi of both yin and yang must be in equilibrium in order for him or her to stay healthy. Naturally a male should have more yang chi than yin chi. If a person has too much Yang Chi, he/she is short of Yin Chi (such as when a person has fever). The opposite can also happen (such as when a person got cold). At times, our body releases too much yang chi, could not sustain it, causing the fever to change into a cold and vice versa. At certain time our body produce certain type of chi and therefore affects our health when the chi is not in equilibrium.


Each of us has our own equilibrium Chi level above or below which we might fall sick. We cannot have too much chi or too little chi as this will make us unwell. Basing on this, I am inclined to think that as long as we decrease the chi level of those with too much Chi and increases the Chi for those in need for more Chi, most of the Chi related illness can be cured. Of course we must know where to add or subtract or else the patient might get worse. This is where the method of treatments will be most important. Most methods does not need the knowledge of meridian points, chi distribution, blood circulation and etc which is why my treatments produce different results from other chi practitioners such as Reiki, mind control methods and etc.






What is Chi / Prana ?


Chi is the Chinese term loosely used for all kind of energy and breath. Prana is the Indian word for life force or energy. Basically they refer to the same thing. Chi is in abundant everywhere around and inside us. For instance we breathe in Chi all the time without even realizing it. It is in everything (anything living and dead).  The walls of our bedroom absorb the chi from sunlight and they have chi in it even though it is not a living thing. Even corpses while decaying have chi in it. When we walk in the hot sun, the energy from the sun is automatically absorbed by our body. We have no control over it unless we can bar the absorption of chi. Masters highly skilled in chi might be able to feel the influx of negative chi but to shut oneself from the chi requires a higher degree of Chi manipulation competency. Similarly, if we mingle in a crowd, our chi will mingle and we absorbed each others’ chi. In winter or in cold weather, we automatically absorb Yin Chi. We needs CHI to survive. The generally held belief is that the more Chi one has, the more powerful one becomes. Many people would ask me to donate Chi to them. I would always reply that I can give them Chi but they might not be able to cope with it. Each of us have our equilibrium and optimum Chi level, above or below which, we might become unwell. Too much or too little Chi will make us become sick. Those familiar with Kundalini Yoga will know the ascent of the serpent from the base of the spine to the crown chakra can be far more dangerous than is revealed. I had nose bleeding and fever for several years despite taking young coconut water and Chinese herbal medicine (Wong lo Kat) every day. With the help of one of my masters, I was able to control the energy. What I lack then was the ability to release the energy from my head as I had more chi than I could handle. Now my body can withstand much more chi.



Chi is an invisible energy that helps us to become healthier, younger and stronger. All of us have Chi and the capacity to harness it. According to traditional Chinese Medicine, the body consists of blood, chi and body fluids (such as sweats and etc.). The blood transports the chi and body fluids around. When the blood flow is obstructed and the Chi cannot reach the area, we will have problem at that area. For instance, if we were to make a habit of sleeping on a certain side, that side of the shoulder would slowly become blocked causing the shoulder and fingers to feel painful and stressed. Over a period of time it will become more and more unbearable. This is due to the flow of blood and chi being obstructed.




Five Elements Theory


There are five main elements. They are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Wood produces Fire which in turn produces Earth which in turn produces Metal which in turn produces Water which in turn produces Wood. Fire destroys Metal which in turn destroys Wood which in turn destroys Earth which in turn destroys Water which in turn destroys Fire. Fire exhausts Wood which in turn exhausts Water which in turn exhausts Metal which in turn exhausts Earth which in turn exhausts Fire. Any person who is interested in ancient Chinese knowledge such as Fung Shui, Traditional Medicine, Astrology, Martial Arts, Meditation and others should endeavor to perfect their understanding of the Five Elements. 


Elements Production Cycle

Wood --------> Fire ---------> Earth ---------> Metal --------> Water ---------> Wood


Elements Destruction Cycle

Fire --------> Metal ---------> Wood ---------> Earth --------> Water ----------> Fire


Elements Exhaust Cycle (opposite of the Production Cycle)

Fire --------> Wood---------> Water --------->  Metal --------> Earth ----------> Fire




The Five Elements can be used on a person body as follows:


Wood  = Liver , Finger

Fire = Heart, Blood, Eyes

Earth  = Stomach, Spleen

Metal = Lung, Large Intestine, Head, Skin

Water = Urinary Bladder, Kidney, Ears




Meridian points


These are points in our body where the acupuncture and acupressure physician will concentrate on to ensure your blood and chi circulations are in optimum level. The Indian term for meridian is nadi. Blockages in blood or chi circulation can be the cause of many illnesses which remain incurable to a Western trained doctor. I have personally cured an elderly lady who complained of pain near her shoulder. She had been unsuccessfully treated by the western trained doctor. She did not even know how she got the pain or why. It was only on probing further that I discovered she was actually sleeping on that side of the shoulder each night.  After unblocking the blood and chi circulation, she was able to sleep peacefully without feeling any pain.




How to start



Below are some tips and personal observation to evaluate a patient.



1) Facts finding

a) Find out the nature of the problem.

b) Find out the source of the problem from observation and enquiry technique.

c) Find out when the problem started.



2) Preparation

a) Personal Hygiene

b) Provide a glass of warm water each for both the healer and the patient.

c) Find a place which is quite and shaded for treatment to begin.

d) Do some warm-up exercises.




3) Diagnosis & Treatment


a) Determine the treatment required.

b) Start the initial treatment. Observe and determine the effectiveness.

c) Monitoring the patient’s progress. Make adjustment if necessary.

d) Concentrate on the key areas and observe signs of improvement.

e) Determine whether follow up treatment is required.





Facts Findings


When a patient comes to see us for treatment, we have to know the problem. The patient will inform us of his/her problem. It can be he/she was not feeling well for the last few days. It can be a back problem and etc. We cannot rush into healing a person without knowing the source of the problem. Upon knowing the source of the problem then we can be sure what need to be done. We must identify the problem areas (i.e the shoulder, upper and lower arms and fingers if the problem is connect with the hands). For instance if someone cannot lift up the hand and etc, we can be sure the problem areas are the shoulder, upper and lower arms, palms and fingers. Observe the patient to see if there are other problems. From observations, we can see if the patient face is bright (Yang) or dimmed (Yin). If the problem is Yang it means the person will need to cool down. If the problem is Yin it means the person will need to heat up. Sometimes it can be red (Yang) and bluish (Yin). This person would need to be cooled down and heated up simultaneously.  Cold limbs also indicated yin problem associated with Water element. Similarly a hot head (fever) indicated Yang problem associated with fire element. A Yin problem is due to a deficiency in Yang and vice versa. We must enquire how the sickness occurs. For instance if someone complain about shoulder injury, it should be due to trying to carry heavy object over the shoulder, sleeping with the body pressing on the shoulder, knock or impact on the shoulder and etc. Touch the shoulder to see if there is any pain due to bruises. Enquire as to when the problem started. Sometimes the patient does not even how they got injured. 





Before the start of any treatment session, it would be wise to use soap to clean your hands and wipe off the water with a dry cloth. Next offer a glass of warm water to the patient. Do drink a glass of warm water yourself. This will allow both of you to sweat once the treatment gets underway. Next you must choose the location of the treatment, where the patient should sit or lie down. Before you start you should also do some chi exercises to bring the chi to your palms and fingers. Now you are ready to start facts findings. 




Diagnosis & Treatment



Healing is an art not an exact science. This is because another person using my method might not have the same effect due to the difference in Chi level. Someone with a higher level of Chi would be more effective than that of someone inferior. This is not the same as in science where a panaldo will always be a panaldo and the effectiveness will always be constant. The more our ability to use chi, the more powerful one becomes. It is our invisible muscles. This is how some smaller and older people can defeat younger and bigger size people. However it would be pointless having lots of Chi yet unable to make use of it. Some people think if they give chi to others, they will be without chi. I am inclined to think this is absolutely rubbish.  The only reason a person is worn out after a treatment is probably due to his/her personal condition (not in good shape) nothing to do with Chi. All healers and practitioners of Chi should beware of absorbing the patient’s chi and get sick instead. Unfortunately, many students of Yoga, Reiki, mind control and Chi Kung regularly fall sick after healing others due to their inability to release the excess Chi. You will be surprised by how some advanced practitioners and masters do get sick after healing others. Ever wonder why a certain Chi kung master look so pale when he is suppose to be able to cure even cancer? They probably do not know how to release or recycle the absorbed chi from their patients. As mentioned each of us has our own equilibrium Chi level above or below which we will fall ill. 



If someone has a fever or headache, I do not think mind control or Reiki will work since you are putting chi to stimulate the head which is already swimming with Yang Chi or using your mind to cool down the patient sometimes does not work. You do not need more Chi there as there is already too much Chi (whether Yin or Yang). There is a need to diffuse the energy. The healer must be able to remove the chi from the head of that person. You would probably need to make him sweat. Of course there are other methods such as diverting the energy to the base of the spine, which, is Yin while the head is Yang.



I have known people who went to the Chinese physician for a sprained back or waist. Today even such treatments are commercialized. Such a treatment (inclusive of medicine) will cost several hundred ringgits per visit. An acquaintance of mine could not even get out of bed after he visited a certified practitioner for a sprain back. He ask a friend to inform me he require help from me. He was moaning about how he wishes to be dead than to suffer the excruciating pain. This is because the physician twisted his back and ankle. After my treatment, he was able to turn his back around and was much better. The ability to cure lies not in the certificate nor the method used but rather the healer‘s ability to heal.



Coming back to the earlier problem of shoulder injury above, if there is a lump near the shoulder and it is painful on touch, then the problem is quite serious. The patient might not allow you to touch that area which is painful even on touching. We need to stimulate the shoulder and then both the arms, palm and fingers. We do not need to touch the painful area yet. We can use send Chi (from your lao kung and fingers) to act on the affected area. After the arms are stimulated and the chi and blood started to circulate better, we can now touch the painful area with our fingers. After stimulating the area, the fingers of the patient should now be loosened. The patient will be more relaxed now.  Now turn your attention to the head of the patient to see whether the face is Chi balanced. Normally I would try to release some energy from the patient by pressing the base of the skull. The patient by now should be feeling much better. Now we concentrate on the affected areas such as the painful area, the rest of the shoulder, arms, palm and fingers. Finally we can now check our progress to see how the patient is doing. At this point, we must compare the patient before and after treatment to determine the progress. Please be reminded that if the problem is a repeated problem or have been in existence for sometime, one treatment might not be enough. We have to monitor the next few days to see how the patient is doing before deciding on the need for another treatment. Always make sure the patient drink a glass of warm water to sweat the toxin out of the body. We must also sweat or else we might get sick.



Self Introduction


My name is TF Foo. I am an accountant by training and have since involved myself in other fields. I have undergone the master training program of Simplified Kundalini Yoga more than 20 years ago. At first I used to heal myself of the bruises and injuries from my Tae kwon do training. Later I was able to heal my mother’s sprained hand. From then on I have been healing people from all walks of life (from managing directors to laborers). At first I thought it would be difficult to heal others as most would pour cold water on my abilities. Some people even go as far as asking me whether I am God. I am not God nor am I a doctor. I am not confident of curing people of certain illness such as cancer. I am however confident I can cure people of Chi related illness as follows:   


1)     not enough chi

2)      too much chi

3)     headache and migraine

4)     blocked chi or blood circulation causing pain and unable to move affected areas

5)     cold

6)     fever

7)     backache

8)     sprained  limbs

9)     ear ringing

10)  problems arising from meditation

11)  cold limbs

12)  lung problems



If you have similar problems, perhaps I might be able to offer my service to you. Kindly contact me at 012-6570647 or email me at


At first I thought that since I have more than 20 years in Kundalini Yoga meditations, I would not need to study Chi Kung. I thought that since my chakras are all opened and I can generate chi in almost the same way as Chi Kung, I might not benefit much. However after witnessing how Master James Chee of Wu Chu Chuan can manipulate chi, I am convinced Chi Kung breathing exercises are good at improving our chi and blood circulations. Regular practice of chi kung can heal a person of certain chi related illness such as running nose, cold limbs and etc. I was always having running nose as I have a sensitive nose. However, after only six months of training, I was able to finally say goodbye to sinus. Due to my training in Kundalini Yoga I took to chi kung like a duck took to water. I am currently training at the Chi Dynamics Cheras branch.


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