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Test Your IQ Trivial




Teaser No. 1


A Statistic Lecturer once asked his class if there is anyone who can answer his question: How much is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+………………+998+999+1000?


The whole class was quiet and no one answered him. The lecturer repeated the question again and told them not to use the calculator. After a couple of minutes, TF Foo put up his hand and answered “500500”. He did not put his hand up earlier as he thought it was easy and any person should be able to solve it.



Try to solve it without the use of a calculator or computer. It is really very simple if only we choose to try instead of saying it is impossible. Very often we are held back by negative thoughts which made us give up without even trying. The real limitation here is actually the limitation we placed on ourselves. Compare your answer with the solution below. 






Teaser No. 2



There were 5 caps (3 blue + 2 yellow). Three caps were randomly selected and placed on 3 clown’s heads. The clowns stand in a row such that the one at the back is able to see the other two clowns in front of him; the middle clown is able to see the one directly in front of him and lastly the clown in front cannot see any of the two clowns behind him. They cannot see the caps on their own heads. The clowns were each asked if they know the colour of the caps they were each wearing. The clown at the back and middle each replied “no”. The clown in front replied “yes”. The question is “What is the colour of the cap and how did the clown in front know the colour of the hat he is wearing?”



It is actually very simple if we really try to solve it. If we put all kinds of excuses and imaginary obstacles in our own path, we would never solve it. 



Teaser No.3 



A king was dying and he have two exceptional well brought up sons. Both were very capable and equally matched. The problem was they would not compete with each other for the throne. The king has use up his wits trying to make them compete again each without success (not even when the prize is the Kingdom). The king want to find out which of his son is the better rider of horse but fear they might just not put out their best. What do you think the king should do?









Stop Peeping for the solutions. Surely you do much better.






















Teaser 1


How the hell did he managed it? Ever wondered how much is 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10? The fastest way to do so is to pair them up in such a way that you get 5 pairs of 11s (1+10, 2+9, 3+8, 4+7 & 5+6 all add up to 11 = 5 x 11 = 55). Now using the same formula it would be easy to solve any kind of questions pertaining to addition. He reasoned that 1+1000, 2+999, 3+998, 4+997 + …………… 499 + 502, 500+501 are all pairs of 1001. There are 500 such pairs and therefore 500 x 1001 = 500500. The lecturer smiled and said he did not expect, of all students, the laziest person happened to be the person able to answer the question correctly.


t is really very easy if you take the trouble to find the answer. Actually, a friend told him this was being taught in Pre- University then. TF Foo had inadvertently rediscovered the formula by using only pure logic. You can actually use it to add up only odd numbers or even numbers as you wish. For your information, 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 + ………….. 997 + 999 =  (1+999, 2+ 998, 3 + 997, 4 +996 + …………..499 + 501 = 250 pair of “1000”) 250000. The even numbers addition of 2 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 10 + ……………..+ 998 + 1000 = (2 + 1000, 4 + 998, 6 + 996, 8 + 994, + ……….. 496 + 506, 498 + 504, 500 + 502 = 250 pairs of “1002”) 250500.  To check whether your answer is correct or not, just add up the even and odd numbers (250500 + 250000 = 500500 which is the same as above).




Teaser 2


The answer is simple but only if you have a clear mind and some logic. If you are good at the game “Mastermind”, this should not be a problem for you.



For the person at the back to say “no” he must have seen either 2 blue caps or 1 blue cap and 1 yellow cap in front of him. If he was to see two yellow caps, he would definitely know that he is wearing a blue cap as there are only two yellow caps. This means one of the front and middle clowns is wearing a blue cap. For the second person to say “no’, he must have seen, the person in front of him, wearing a blue cap. If the front clown is wearing a yellow cap, he would be able to confidently say he is wearing a blue cap. The clown in front after hearing the other two clown’s answers knows he must be wearing a blue cap.




Teaser No. 3


The answer is very simple. Just make the rule that the horse that win is the winner. Under normal circumstances the two prince will try to slow down their horses but not when they are suppose to exchange horses in the race. If Prince A rides on Prince B 's horse and vice versa, they will have to put out their best effort to avoid losing to the other. If Prince A lose he will become the King. If he win Prince B will become the King. Of course this kind of peculiar behavior and circumstances is unlikely to happen since most of them would kill each other for the throne. 




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