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Currently there are 2 types of baiting system.


1) The bigger pest control companies are either agents of Sentricon / Nemesis. etc They normally place woods in a container (bait stations) inserted into holes dug up around the garden (exterior of the house). This is supposedly for the prevention of termites entering your premises.  The holes would be monitored regularly to detect any termite infestation. Should termites be detected, the wood would be replaced by treated baits. However it dose not always work.

When there are signs of termites in a premises, bait stations (like junction boxes are placed beside mud trails (or areas of infestations). When the termites (workers) attack the baits and feed the colony with them, the whole colony might be eliminated. However, the absence of termites hit does not denote the absence of the termites.


2) The cheaper alternative baiting system uses only attractants, Their method are similar to the above. the only difference is that they use attractant to attract termites. Termites are attracted by the smell of the attractant to the box. It is not a bait station since no bait will be used. One week after treatment, a low dosage of termiticide will be sprayed onto the termites. The idea here is not to kill the termites but to get them affected by the poison and spread them to the others in the colony. This system is relatively much cheaper than the above.



Advantages of Baiting System

1)     No drilling is required and therefore no messy and noisy environment. If you have nice marbles flooring you would definitely not try to go for corrective slab injection treatment. Therefore, most bungalows owners would welcome the baiting system.

2) Treatment are relatively quick and simple. No need to take leave to do treatment. There is no need to do extensive cleaning or moving of furniture and the treatment can be completed within half an hour. In the corrective slab injection there might be a need of several days work depending on the size of the building treated.

3)     Frequent monitoring and services to ensure result.

4)     No smelly chemicals used. Only baits treated with odorless chemical. Therefore there is no need to be afraid it might affect the young and the elderly.

5) There is no risk of accidentally drilling into the underground water piping or electrical cables etc.

6) Most suitable for high rise building such as condos and apartments where it is not suitable to do corrective slab injection.



Disadvantages of Baiting System

1)     Some termite species are known to avoid these 'foods' preferring their familiar food sources of rotting tree roots or trunks. I have personally heard the managers of pest management companies (using baiting system) asking both foreign and local professors at Pest Management Seminars why it was not effective.

2)     Areas treated by baiting system might not be termite free. One specie of termite might be exterminated but another might be immune to it. They might totally ignore the new food source and therefore occupied the area unnoticed. The soil is not treated and therefore will not affect the termite. Similarly the wooden structures are not treated and are susceptible to termite attacks.

3)     The monitoring stations set up randomly might not provide adequate coverage and control of the termite. As in I0 above it might not work.

4)     The termite will have to first eat the wood placed in the monitoring station and then the treated baits. If the termite for any reason decide not to eat the wood or the baits, it will not be effective.

5)     It is a more costly solution on the long term. The cost of a baiting treatment is dependent on the number of monitoring stations as the cost is standard for all operators. You have to pay for royalty and trade mark. Each year, you will also have to pay 20% of the initial cost. For instance if the initial treatment is RM10,000, you will have to pay RM2,000 for the following year.

6)     There is no warranty provided. As long as a management agreement is signed every year, normal monitoring procedures will be followed.

7)  There is a need for thorough checking and monitoring termites activities. It is not uncommon when these companies failed to prevent termites entries and being sued by the owner. Obviously it is such a troublesome thing to sue others, so some might not want the hassle which is why there are companies offering 200% money back guarantee if ineffective. There are many things to look at. What is effectiveness? Is it complete termite elimination? If it is these companies would not be sued. Obviously it is something like finding some termites in the baits stations means it is effective. There are lots of loop holes which they can play with. I have had redo lots of houses which have been treated by many big pest control companies.  


Corrective Slab Injection Treatment might be more cost effective in the long run but at times is not practical. For instance those at the condo or high rise buildings cannot do corrective slab injection as most of the stay above the ground. Drilling is only possible where the premises is on the ground floor with soil underneath.  As normal spraying only kill those termites that you see, the termites might come out at another area and attack the fabric and wooden furniture etc. There is also no way anyone will allow you to drill at any expensive flooring in a luxurious bungalow.


Therefore everything depends on what you want. If you want to do baiting, we will do baiting for you. As usual we also assure you of our best services. Most importantly we also ensure the treatment eradicate the termites.




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