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Healings - the ancient way


During the ancient times, shaman, witch doctors, faith healers, priests, physician using either Indian or Chinese herbal  system, acupuncture, massage, crystals, chi kung and etc. provided treatments to patients. Western medicine treats illness from physical evidence of symptoms. For instance, if you have fever, then the medicine will be panadol or aspirin and etc. It seldom look at the source of the problem. Eastern medicine look at the source as they were around for thousands of years. Using the same example, the Chinese or Indian physician will use massage with herbal oil, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal remedy or a combination of the above. There are others who use Chi (life energy) and Yi (mental energy to visualize) to heal.


To the person in the East, the concept of chi /prana / life force/ bio energy and Ki (have almost the same meaning) is nothing new as it has been in existence for thousands of years. To the unlearned Chi or by whatever name does not exist as there is no visible or quantifiable clue. Just like electricity and wind, they are invisible to our eyes. At least we can measure electricity and wind. What exactly is chi? Chi is the invisible force surrounding us. It is available everywhere. It is in the air, in all living things, stones, crystals and everything. We are in contact with it all the time. Our body absorb chi from other people, living things and everything surrounding us. Some people can get sick after visiting the grave yard. This is due to the strong presence of yin chi. Chi can be either cold or warm energy (yin or yang). Yin and Yang are the duality of the universe as a pair of opposite action/reaction opposing yet complementing each other as the male and female. We get chi from our surrounding. In grave yards and the moon we get "yin chi" (negative/female chi). In China there are Chi kung practitioners (such as those of the famous Wu Tang martial art) that does their training at night at the grave yards.  In the Sun we get strong "yang chi" (positive/male chi). The chi on its own is neither good nor bad. When we are weak and fail to control the chi resulting in an imbalance, we will become sick. But if we are able to control the chi and direct it at will, we will be able to perform healing on others even from a distance. Evil people learning the black art can perform curses on others from a distance. I wish to stress again that Chi in itself is neither good nor bad. It is only good or bad depending on how it is being used. Human who have trained their mind to use and manipulate chi can make charmed or holy water by chanting sacred holy verses (it will double the strength of the chi if the patient have faith in the chanting). They can also make talisman or amulet by the same method. If you are clear on such matters you will be able to see similar pattern of using the mind to direct the chi to do good or evil deeds. Even the hoodoo doll method of harming a person by piercing a needle at the part intended to be harmed is due to the same technique. If the mind and chi is absent (i.e. unable to use or does not know how to use chi or visualization), there is no way the hoodoo can work. In same way if you cannot use chi properly, there is no way you can do chi healing or attack anyone with it. Excesses or deficiency in chi will cause our body to be out of equilibrium and resulting in illness. It is not the oxygen we breathe in. It is a different kind of energy. All things have chi. Some of us might have heard of ordinary people who have never learn how to cultivate or use chi yet when a loved one is in trouble, he/she can lift up a car or heavy object which is several times the weight of the person.  This is due to the strong will (yi) to save a loved one. The yi will direct the chi to the hands give it the supernatural force required to lift the object. There is also those person with muscular dysentery who can walk again due to the strong will to walk. The only problem is most of us cannot see or feel chi like your own muscle. These kind of things can make a western minded person nervous. If we have never heard of ABC how the hell would we be able to read or write in English. Similarly, if our mind have never being conditioned, we would not be able to perform any kind of visualization or meditation. Some people give the impression that such things are sacred and mysterious. If magician do not practice their hands regularly, their acts would easily being seen through by the audiences. If we do not practice the mind, the mind will not be able to respond to our instruction.    


Those who practice meditation and Chi accumulation exercises regularly might be able to do healing without even touching the patient. Here visualization is very important. It involves the patient sitting on a chair, the healer will visualize the chi coming from the middle of his palms descending onto the patient. In many type of Chi kung/ Reiki and Yoga there is the visualization of Chi permeating into the patient body and act on the parts with disorder. Usually, you will not be cured in one session. If massage and acupressure or acupuncture are incorporated into the healing process then the patient can be healed faster. I have managed to cure most patients with backache, bad blood circulation, cold limbs, severe coldness (such wearing 4 layers of clothing and still feeling cold), minor headache, heat related illness and etc within one session. Only complicated cases involving joints and more serous illness will require further treatment.


Now let us go back to the earlier example of fever, if we were to trace it to the source, it can be just plain fever from eating hot food such as chili or the weather is too hot, some panaldo or herbal tea should be able to take care of the illness. However if the fever is due to complications from meditation, no amount of panaldo or herbal tea will be effective.  If the physician does not know anything about meditation, any prescription will be useless. The blood rushes to the head causing heaviness and headache. There is a need to reduce the energy at the head so visualization of energy to the head might not work as there is already too much energy there. Acupuncture and acupressure would be more suitable treatment as it can release the chi accumulated in the head area. Therefore treatment depends on the source of the illness. In more serious cases, even acupressure and acupuncture can only provide temporarily relief. This is normally due to the uncontrollable chi as in the awakening of the imaginary serpent in Kundalini yoga causing havoc. The healer must be able to reduce the energy going to the head and other parts of the patient. The easiest way would be to make the patient sweat. Once the body sweats, the temperature will go down. Novices should beware that the patient's chi might be absorbed by them and could caused them to be sick as well. Therefore no one should attempt to heal others unless he/she is powerful enough to redirect the chi away. Just like in an exorcism, the healer must be more powerful than the patient or the healer would need to be healed. As I have mentioned before that we absorb chi from our surroundings and the people we interact with, therefore some of the patient's energy would be absorbed by the healer. The healer must known how to release the excess energy or he/she might get ill. Another thing about chi is you would never be able to exhaust your chi, the more chi you give out, the more you would receive. It is just like your muscle, the more you uses it the stronger you become. If you do not use it you lose the ability to use it. So when you heal someone you are also helping yourself to be more powerful in term of chi. There are people who get the funny idea of linking chi to your blood and that if you give too much away you might be short of blood. Of-course we must know our limit, if we do not have much chi, we cannot give it to others. One must know one's limit. Just like the blood, the blood donated will be replenished in due time. One who give away his chi might feel exhausted after the treatment of a patient (especially when the treatment lasted for several hours). The healer must know how to replenished his/her chi. This can be vide meditation techniques of chi cleansing and charging. Crystals can also be used to help revitalized the healer. For me, a short nap cum chi balancing meditation should do the trick. 


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body consist of blood, chi and body fluid (such as sweat etc). When  the blood circulation is bad you will have problems arising from that particular area. For instance if you have problem lifting up your hand (either side) then you probably have bad blood and chi circulation at your shoulder or your arm joint or both. Therefore you need to clear the clogged blood vessel at the joints and shoulders. This can be done by using massaging and acupuncture techniques to stimulate the clogged areas. The above should be repeated until the blood circulation is improved and the patient has no problem lifting up the hand. Those proficient in using chi can use the chi for either self healing or to heal others. In Reiki the patient received the chi from the healer to stimulate the problematic areas. The chi will act on its own to hopefully heal the patient (most books on Reiki does not promise cure but to let the chi heal the problematic areas in due course).



Prevention Healing


Before you get sick, would it not be better to try to prevent ourselves from getting sick? Prevention is always better than cure. If we lack vitamin C, it would be good to eat more fruits containing this vitamin. Of-course extracts from plants containing vitamin c are being made into pills for convenience. Similarly the wealthy ancient Chinese, Korean and Japanese have been using various type of Ginsengs each with its special healing power to cure deficiencies and  excesses in our bodies. Vegetables and herbs have for thousands of years play a vital part in promoting health and longevity in the eastern civilization. Even today Ginseng is regarded as a power booster and Chinese Radish is a good de-booster. Chinese tea is good for cooling down the body, used as antiseptic to clean wounds, removes fats from our system and etc. Cure for all kind of ailments can be found in the jungle or in the Bio Technology farms around the world.


The Asian has for thousands of years used Yoga, Reiki, Chi Kung, Tai Chi and other Chi enhancing methods to become healthier physically and mentally. Most people who can accept the existence of chi would think the more chi one has, the healthier one becomes. They probably have the misconception of equating chi to inner strength. Just as water can be harnessed to create electricity, chi can be harnessed to provide psychic / supernatural abilities. Having lot of chi but without the ability to use it is like getting a flood due to overflow of water. It can be dangerous. Similarly, fire can be harnessed to cook food but if it is out of control it can be a big disaster. Therefore too much chi can make a person sick. Such surplus chi need to be released or the patient will have to endure great sufferings. In Chi Kung, the practitioners can store the chi at their Tan Tien (two to three inches below the naval). Some Chi Kung techniques make use of 3 tan tien. Unless and until you can store up the chi, you should learn how to or get hold of someone who can release it for you. Deficient in chi is also not good as the person will get ill regularly. Therefore each individual will have an equilibrium chi level according to his/her ability to control the chi. Those with higher ability will definitely be able to handle more chi and vice versa.


Tai Chi Chuan / Chi Kung / Yoga all have breathing exercises to promote the blood circulation and general health of a person. It is not so much the fanciful moves but the breathing techniques and mind (yi) that is most important. You can learn Tai Chi for 20 years and yet not progress much due to the inability to master the breathing and visualization techniques (yi). What is the use of all these fanciful moves if the proper breathing is neglected? It is at most like doing normal exercises which might help in promoting blood circulation. However, if a person is able to master the breathing and visualization techniques (using yi), I am sure that person can do healing of normal ailments such us backache, headache, migraine, sprains, cold limbs and etc as in Reiki (Japanese Ki Healing) and Chi Kung. I have taught a staff of mine a single move and within one week he has managed to provide treatments to family members. After two weeks of self training, he was able to provide treatments to his friends. Of course the Chi alone would not be able to cure a person of some of those ailments. There is also a need to have sufficient knowledge of massage and how the human body functions. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body consists of blood, chi and body fluid (such as sweat and etc.). The blood transports the chi and body fluid around. If the blood is not moving properly, you will get bad blood circulation resulting in stagnant chi. Chi Kung /Yoga / Reiki enhances the circulation of the blood and chi. When everything is functioning properly, you will be less susceptible to ailments. It is not surprising to see people in their fifties looking from ten to twenty years younger due to constant harnessing of chi. Many Yogis and Chi Kung masters can do stunning things such as pulling buses and even planes with their hairs, teeth and other parts of their body.    


Before I realized what Chi and Yi are, I always assume it is not important how we breathe. We are breathing all the time so what is so special about mere breathing? Surely it must one of those fanciful moves such as "Mei Yan Chue Keng" (maiden looking into a mirror), "See Tow Pai See" (disciple paying homage to master), "Wong Kow Seh New" (yellow dog pissing urine), "Siong Loong Chut Hoi" (double dragons crossing the sea), "Hoi Tai Lau Yip" (scooping leave from the bottom of the sea) and others.


After having gone through some special short courses in Shao Lin Chi Kung and see the ability of the master, I finally realized I have actually neglected training on proper breathing. Once I incorporated proper breathings into some simple moves, I was astounded by the results. My staffs (in their twenties) are not even half my age and who do manual works (their arms are about 1.5 to 2 times the size of mine) used to shake hand with me. I could not beat them but neither could they beat me. It was always a stalemate (I have martial art ability which offset their youth and muscular strength) as neither could make the other yield. After learning some breathing techniques, I can now make them yield. Imagine a middle aged man making young men with arms almost twice that of his yield. I can also stop their punches with my bare soft palms. Of course I can do all sort of thing an ordinary person cannot. Such things can only be happening because I can direct my chi where it is required making me stronger under such circumstances. Physically, I am not stronger than any of my staffs. However with the aid of my mental strength (yi) and the manipulation of chi they are no match for me.


I am in no way implying that the moves of Shao Lin are better than Tai Chi, Wu Tang or any other martial arts. I am only stating the fact that a lot of people learn Tai Chi or Chi Kung without really able to master the correct breathing techniques and most important of all understand yi. It is not how many years you have studied or practiced the techniques but rather doing it correctly. My mother said she had practiced Tai Chi 18 styles Chi Kung for more than 30 years. While she might be stronger than most around her age, she would definitely be better if she had practiced it with the correct breathing technique and yi. Even though I have only learned the Tai Chi 18 styles Chi Kung from video, I can confidently state that all martial arts and breathing exercises are good for health. I have seen from video how Tai Chi masters are able to perform death defying moves such as 3 huge westerners lifting up a big log and ramming it into the old master. The master in his eighties was not even moved by the impact but rather those westerners were thrown back by the impact.  The old Tai Chi Master was also able to withstand punches rained on him by the same westerners. Many Yoga and Chi Kung masters can harness enough electricity to light up bulbs with their chi and yi. Of course some of those learning mind control and meditation can also harness such energy. Such powerful chi can be used to help people with deficient chi, poor blood circulation and other diseases.


Some people has abuse the trust of the sick by claiming cure for un-curable diseases such as cancer. Until the cure is validated, we must be vigilant against such con artists who conned the sick of their hard earned money. There are people who themselves need healing but try to convince other he can cure all disease. If they cannot even cure themselves, how can they cure others? Yoga exponent the Mighty Subramanian was able to pull a 747 Boeing airplane with his hairs. But even he succumbed to heart attack. It just goes to show that while we can practiced to a high level we must also be disciplined enough not to over abuse our body by knowing our limit and eating healthily.


The harnessing of chi can be vide hard strenuous kung fu exercises such as Shao Lin Kung Fu (with powerful kicks and punches) and also the soft kung fu of Wu Tang (such as the seemingly effortless and graceful movements of Tai Chi and Wu Tang martial arts). The general misconception of Shao Lin martial art is that it is based on only hard chi. There are of course slow movements and soft chi exercises in Shao Lin too. In fact, there are also Buddhist meditation techniques in Shao Lin Kung Fu.


Shao Lin Kung Fu is a Buddhist based Kung Fu started by Damo (from India and become the First Patriarch ) who spread Buddhism  to China. It was meant as self defense against bandits and health enhancement. Damo might have taught the monks some ancient Indian martial art such as Kalari Payat. Later  the movements of animals were incorporate into Shao Lin martial art. Shao Lin Kung Fu also borrows some Taoist ideas such as the Five Elements (i.e. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) as in the “Five Elements Palm”.  In "Iron Shirt Chi Kung" the exponent are able to absorb deadly blows without much injury. Exponents can also withstand heavy weights such as being run over by a car, bus or truck. Such acts can only be performed by the true master. Ever try asking someone heavier to stand on top of your abdomen and you will know what I mean. It can break your pelvis bone and  get you hospitalized. In some cases it can be fatal. Therefore such acts can only be performed by those who regularly practiced  deep diaphragm breathing  and some form of Iron Shirt Chi Kung or Golden Bell technique. Even with training, I would not venture on anything above twice my body weight of 65kg (ie. 130 kg) for the time being. Of the people known to perform such acts, I think Grandmaster Anthony Wee went under a double deckers bus weighting 9.3 tons practically unharmed. Many masters have broken their pelvic bone and get hospitalized even at 3 tons. There are also masters who get killed as a consequence.


Contrary to popular belief that Shao Lin is using only hard Chi as in those deadly Shao Lin Kung Fu moves, I have personally witness astonishing and incredible chi kung demonstration where Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan Master James Chee use chi to throw several person off balance from a distance of several meters. At first I was inclined to think it must be some form of hypnotism or collusions. How on earth can anyone attack another person without physically touching him/her? Impossible?!!? When I tried the same techniques on a staff of mine (6 meter from me) and he actually nearly fell down and complain of feeling like he wanted to vomit that I become convince there is something to it. I only directed a half strength chi at him. That same staff was lying down with his back facing me and probably asleep a week later when I playfully flick my fingers to target his left ear. I was at least 2 meters away so I never physically touch him and there is no way he can see me.  He immediately wake up after the flick and look bewildered at me. He told me he felt his left ear and part of his face suddenly glowed. I purposely did not say anything just to see if he was telling the truth. If he had said he felt some heat near his hand or other than the left ear I would immediately know he was lying. On another occasion, I asked the same staff to go out of the room. The door was closed so that he cannot see me. I took my time to direct my chi at him (after 2 minutes). If he was to yell before I even started, then he would be faking it. Somehow, when I started to direct my chi at him, he yelled. I quickly opened the door and found him balancing himself against the wall. He told me he was about to fall and he lean against the wall to balance himself. Another staff was using the office telephone. I told him to stop using the phone as he has been on the phone for more than 20 minutes with his fiancée. Since he did not put down the phone I secretly directed some chi at the left side of his stomach. Within 2 minutes he put down the phone and complained of stomachache and went to the toilet. These are examples of using the soft breathing techniques of Shao Lin. People with more chi will definitely be able to overcome those with weaker chi and accordingly have control over them just like when a ghost take over the body of a victim (it is always someone mentally weaker at least at that moment).  I have also experimented with some household spiders. The spiders have fast reflexes and move away from danger quickly. When my chi hit the spider in my office, there was no movement from it for over 3 hours until one of my staff pushes it with his finger. The spider as if suddenly awaken from a trance or meditation and ran off. Another household spider at my apartment also reacted by cringing and become smaller and inactive. Even with my limited abilities, I am already able to do things normal people cannot. Of course the masters will be much more potent and powerful.  It is scary to think how a master of such techniques would be able to harm people without appearing to do so. There is no evidence to prove such a person get harmed as a result of the chi attack. In a westernized society, chi does not exist. Even the victim might not know he/she has been attacked since only people who regularly train in yoga / chi kung might be able to sense it. Some of us are more chi sensitive than others. Some people get sick after visiting the graves of loved ones. The chi from dead people might be too strong for some people. This is not much different from a witch or wizard casting a curse or spell on another person. It is always the will (yi) directing the spiritual energy (chi) to attack the targeted victim. If the will is weak the attack would hardly caused any damage. However, if the will is strong and the chi is powerful, the targeted person will be hit hard.


Wu Tang is a Taoist based kung fu based on the Yin and Yang harmony (Rou Tai Kang – soft yet hard), Ba Gua (8 Trigram) and the five elements theory. The Ba Gua Zhen (8 Trigram Formation), Chi Xing Jen (Seven Stars Swords) and Tai Chi Chuan are all based on Taoist principles. Taoist monks are different from Buddhist monks. The Buddhist monks are shaven bald while the Taoist monks keep their hairs knotted.  Shao Lin and Wu Tang have always been among the elite martial arts in China.


According to ancient records, the founder of Wu Tang was Chang San Fong (or Cheong Sam Fung in Cantonese) a former Shao Lin apprentice monk who happened to guard the Shao Lin library containing the best martial techniques available then. In the midst of a trespassing by some other party to steal some of the books, he somehow get involved and managed to get hold of some books before fleeing to Mont Wu Tang where he established the Wu Tang Clan. In his golden years, he founded the Tai Chi Chuan (which means the ultimate martial art). Exponents of Tai Chi Chuan are able to deflect and absorb normally fatal blow effortlessly vide the interplay of Yin and Yang chi. The modern Tai Chi Chuan taught today originated from the Chen family. Probably someone from the Chen clan managed to learn it from a disciple or has been a Wu Tang disciple and modified it to what it is today. As Chinese martial arts were passed down from generation to generation usually within the same family, Tai Chi Chuan was only taught to the Chen family (male only). Somehow Yang Lu Sian (Yeong Low Sim in Cantonese) managed to learn it from the Chen and modified it into a more harmonious Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Therefore the modern Tai Chi Chuan is either an offshoot from the Yang style or the Chen style. It is different from the Wu Tang's original Tai Chi Chuan which is still being taught in Mont Wu Tang. Another version claim that Wu Tang Clan was founded by a Prince Zheng Fu.


Yoga make use of postures and breathings exercises to promote blood circulation and vital energy (prana). They also have various meditation styles such as Kundalini Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatta Yoga and others. These all promote the flow of the vital energy through the awakening of the chakras. The Kundalini method is the most dangerous and might not be suitable for everyone. Kundalini Yoga is based on the belief  of a dormant imaginary 'serpent' coiled up at the base of the spine. Once awakened the serpent at around the base of the spine unleashed its full power which might be too much to handle. In fact I have nose bleeding, migraine, fever and etc for almost two years which is more than most people can endure. I have over zealously practiced on my own far more than others resulting in the suffering. Therefore I would advise those interested in meditation to tread the path cautiously. You might not suffer as much as I do but why risk your mental health? Take it a step at a time and you will have much lesser to regret. Remember the activation of the Chakras or nerve centers cannot be undone. Once it is activated it will stay activated. Your Chakras which have so far being dormant will vibrate and rotate fan like. Only when you are deeply asleep will you lose consciousness of the chakras vibrations.   



Powers of Crystals / Precious stones


Crystals and precious stones have been known to have some healing power. According to the Five Elements, the five basic element is Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Red is the color of Fire which represents the heart, blood and eye. Blue is the color of Water which represents the urinary bladder, kidney and ears. Green is the color of wood which represents the liver and fingers. Yellow is the color of Earth which represents the stomach and spleen. White is the color of metal which represents the large intestine, lung, head and skin. Accordingly the wearing of crystals and precious stones is supposed to help in maintaining the health of a person. Theoretically, if a person has heart problem, it is either too much fire or not enough fire. If you have too much fire, you should stop wearing fire object and color. You should wear the color that reduce the strength of fire (which is Earth). However if you do not have enough fire, you would have to wear more fire objects such as red sapphire, ruby rings and chains etc. If your problem is your ears then you have water problem. If your problem is your liver then you have wood problem. To known whether you have too much of the element or not enough of the element, we must refer to your Ba Zhi (Four Pillars) chart. This chart contains your hour of birth, day of birth, month of birth and year of birth according to the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches of the Chinese Astrological calendar.     


Do not think all stones of the same color will have the same power and effect. It is well known that expensive stones also have higher level of chi power. A blue sapphire is normally more powerful than most of the other semi precious blue stones such as topaz and aquamarine. A high quality jade is always better than the normal green stone. A diamond is surely very much more powerful than a clear crystal. For instance, I have tried numerous type of stones to measure the strength of each stone according to their effect on human. There are numerous ways to measure the effectiveness or otherwise of the stone. Some can feel the power of each individual stone with their fingers, some with their mind, some with the middle of their palm and others with their eyes (can see the energy). unfortunately all these are subjective and to a lay person it makes no sense since normal people cannot see or feel the vibration of such stones.


A meta physic practitioner showed me another way. We have to make sure the hand is not wearing anything and is place in such a way that no movement is possible. First we measure the length of the lower arm to the middle finger. Now place the stone in the palm and measure the length of the lower arm to the middle finger (please make doubly sure non movement of the arm as any movement will make the measurement inaccurate). Normal stones such as tiger eye, rose stone, amethyst and etc will not give any difference. However high quality stone such as sapphire, diamond and etc will normally have difference of several millimeters to 2/3 centimeters. Most people would have difficulty in reconciling how a mere stone can have such effects. You can have a stone the size of your fist yet have no effect. However a tiny sapphire about 5mm in diameter might have the difference of 1 cm. I have some stones with effects of between 1 to 3 cm.  Frankly nobody knows what it actually means. It is kind of strange but only good stones have such differences. I am inclined to think that the stone have their own chi. When it is place in a person hand, the chi will influence the hand's chi especially the hand wearing the stone resulting in the lengthening of the hand.  




In conclusion, not all eastern healing methods are good or useful. You learn Yoga/Chi Kung for health but it  really  depends on each individual's need. Accumulation of chi / prana is good but if you go beyond your limit / tolerance level, it might not be good for you. If you have too much chi rushing toward your head, you might have fever, headache, nose bleeding and etc. It is a real nightmare for those who have been in similar situations. Too much chi is not good and need to be removed. On the other hand if you have become an expert, your tolerant level will be much higher and you will be able to redirect the chi with your yi (mind). At this stage you can use the chi to heal others and yourself. Therefore an over zealous  beginner will suffer for his folly of learning impatiently and getting himself in the "spider web". Only a master can control the chi properly. A lot of books exaggerate on the achievements as a result from certain training especially in regard to learning Yoga. A lot of books especially ancient text will tell you that mastering Kundalini Yoga will bestowed powerful magical power to the student. You would become younger and more pleasant looking, full of wisdom, extra sensory perception, physic abilities and etc. Most books on meditation always mentioned the tingling sensation and the ecstasy of meditation. As far as I am concerned, I have never felt any ecstasy but lots of needles pricking all over my body (it is painful but something I can withstand). I have almost gone crazy trying to master it but after more than 20 years I still have not achieve anything tangible. My chakras have been activated and I can direct the Chi to any part of my body. Beside being able to heal others with my chi, I cannot attribute anything to Yoga. Most of it must be taken with a pinch of salt. The Taoist books tend to be flowery and coded resulting in wrong interpretation for those who venture unguided. The book "Elixirs of the Golden Flower" is actually a Taoist divination method using meditation to achieve a certain stage of progress. The translation is simply the making of a chin tan (golden pill) to achieve the stage but because it is Taoist, it is not the physical consumption of the pill but the intricate training involved. It has nothing to do with flower. For those not familiar with the Taoist method of making the "golden pill", the Taoist master have an alchemy oven to process the pill over 49 days until it becomes the golden pill. In the same process, the cultivation of the mind goes through a similar route. The Taoist apprentice will have to go through 49 days of meditation and confinement before he can successfully achieve the required state to proceed to another stage. Some students of meditations get caught between illusions and reality. Some think they have become one with God, Satan and etc. Therefore it is always advisable to learn from a master who can help you in your journey to better health. Learning from books might have certain limitations such as when you have a problem there is no one to turn to. Unless you are already an expert then there is no harm in reading the books to increase your knowledge. It is a well known fact that even grand masters (those in the metaphysic should know what I am talking about) today learned from a host of masters to increase their knowledge and abilities in various fields.


There are many illness that modern doctors cannot cure. For instance there is no cure for skin problems such as psoriasis , dermatitis and etc. You can apply all the ointments in the world and yet not get cured due to the psychological state of mind of the patient. If a patient is stressed up, there is no way a cure can be found. About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with dermatitis induced psoriasis. The skin specialist told me there was no cure. The best one can hope was  only trying to contain it (control it from getting worse). Even that would come at a price. I would have to sign up for some special drug injection which would not only be expensive but also causes balding, lost of memory and other side effects. As I was the Finance and Administration manager of a four stars hotel, there is no way I can afford the loss of memory which would be costly to the hotel as I was involved in all sort of meetings and presentations. I was under lots of stress. As the hotel financial performances got better my stress level got lesser and I did not need to see the specialist anymore. Now psoriasis is the past. I still have some minor skin problem from time to time but nothing serious.


Migraine is another illness that the doctor cannot cure. Mental problems cannot be cured too. Cancer, HIV, certain strains of virus from flying foxes, exotic wild creatures and birds are at the moment almost not curable. Of course there are many more illness that no cure has been found.


From time to time there are people with incurable diseases who get cure through faith healing, chi kung, herbal remedies, acupuncture and etc. Faith healers normally claimed that they get their abilities from god /spirit /saint/ and etc. The faith healer like John of God in Brazil have been documented to have healed numerous incurable patients. The process is simple. A patient would first make the journey there. Then they will have to wait for the chance to meet with John of God (not his real name). While waiting, they will be placed at the non surgical healing room where they are taught to meditate and try to heal themselves mentally (also known as spiritual cleansing). Later they would be examined by John of God who is able to do surgeries with only a pair of scissor and a knife. It was reported that he got into a trance and suddenly cut up the cancerous tumor from the patient. The wounds miraculously dried up and no stitching was required. There was no injection or painkiller used in the operation. In Chinese societies, the Taoist practitioners would also do similar healings by the aid of a Taoist deity. Even in Philippine, Malaysia and Indonesia faith healers from various faiths uses similar pattern of faith healings to cure diseases that modern medicine cannot. Here again there is the use of the mind (mental/ yi) and chi. The mind is taken over by another entity (probably a spirit, god and etc.) whether real or otherwise. Therefore the faith healer has at that moment of time become the spirit and etc. The manipulation of the mind and chi can cause the blood to stop bleeding. During the Thaipusam (Indian) festival, devotees get pierced all over the body and head. But because they are in a trance, they do not feel much pain. Surprising we do not see much blood flowing out from such wounds. Taoist monk can eat broken glasses, cut themselves with knives, walk barefooted on fire and etc while in a trance. All these can only happen due to the manipulation of Yi and Chi.        



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FUNG SHUI for Wealth and Prosperity

Basic_8_Mansion Fung Shui

Basic Flying_Stars Fung Shui


Traditional Healings Without Medicine

Healing -FAQs

Test your IQ trivial




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