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General Pest Control normally consist of control for 3 types of pests (namely cockroaches, ants and rats). Normal treatment will include residue spraying at the skirting of walls, suspected harborage areas and etc for treatment of ants and cockroaches. For treatment of rats, poison baits are placed in bait station at strategic locations. These are for those premises without much pest problems but still want to prevent the entry of pests.


For those with serious pest problems requiring specialised attention, we would recommend our specialised rat (click here for rats), ants  and cockroaches (click here for cockroaches) treatments. We are confident of solving your pest problems provided you give us a call.




We all know how harmful pests can be to our health and properties. If you have a pest problem, you canít wait for a solution. You need an affordable solution now.

Let PET find a solution to your problem.

Our experienced pest control consultants will inspect your premises and then review the options with you. You choose the solution that best fits your budget. Whatever your choice, we will make every effort to help you solve your pest problem.

A) Single Treatment

This treatment is recommended for common household that requires specific treatment. As only one treatment is done, it has to be very thorough. No warranty is given for this kind of treatment. If you need us to return for re-treatment within 14 days, we will do so at one-half the price of the original service.

B) Contract† Schemes

Yearly contracts are cheaper in the long run. For instance, a single treatment for termites for a condominium costs RM 200.00. However it might only cost around RM360.00* for a bi-monthly yearly contract (i.e. 6 treatments). For a quarterly contract (i.e four treatments) it would only† be RM280.00* per annum.

* Depending upon the size of the building

Yearly contracts schemes can be categorised as follows :-

a. †††† Monthly service (12 treatments per year)

Treatment is being done on monthly basis.

b. †††† Bi-monthly services (6 treatments per year)

Treatment is done every alternate month (2 months once)

c. †††† Quarterly services (4 treatments per year)

Treatment is done on a quarterly basis ( 3 months once).

d. †††† Half yearly services (2 treatments per year)

Treatment is done on a half yearly basis.


Call us now for our affordable and cost effective solution to your pest problems.

Calls after office hours :     TF Foo  (LICENCED PESTICIDE APPLICATOR NO PA0311)    Hand phone No : 012-6570647


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